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Merbau: Latin Name: Intsia, Other Names: Malacca Teak, Mirabow, Moluccan Ironwood, Merbau Ipil. Merbau is a beautiful timber suitable for many purposes. It is a heavy hardwood and is usually used in premium joinery such as windows, solid panel doors, framing and weatherboarding. Merbau is also used for premium flooring and is suitable for light and heavy traffic. Merbau is mainly sourced from Irian Jaya in East Indonesia.


Kempas: Latin Name: Koompassia, Other Names: Impas, Keranji, Mengris, Makupa. Kempas is a medium-weight hardwood and is a very popular timber for flooring. It can also be used outdoor for heavy construction if it is treated with wood preservatives. Kempas is mainly sourced from Sumatra.


Yellow Balau: Latin Name: Shorea, Other Names: Bangkirai, Yakal, Thitya, Takhian-Samphon. Yellow Balau is a heavy hardwood and it is suited for heavy construction. It is extremely durable and can also be used in humid conditions. Its uses are numerous: wall plates, sills, floor joists, posts, beams, staircases etc. It is often used for parquet flooring because of its beautiful appearance. Yellow Balau is mainly sourced from East Indonesia.


Teak: Latin Name: Tectona, Other Names: Teck, Jati, Lyun, Sak. A very popular timber that is used in the manufacture of many wood based products. Teak is very suitable for windows, solid panel doors and frames, garden furniture and other furniture. Parquet flooring from teak is sought after for its beauty. Teak is mainly sourced from Java.


Daru-Daru: Latin Name: Cantelya Corniculata, Other Names: Bedaru. Daru-Daru is an extremely hardwood that is very uniform in colour. Its light colour is very appealing and it brightens up the room that it is installed in. Daru-Daru is sourced from various parts of Indonesia.


Kuku: Latin Name: Pericopsis. Kuku is a heavy weight hardwood with a strong and even brown colour. It also has attractive dark lines. Kuku is ideally suited for Parquet and it gives a very elegant homely touch to the room. Kuku is mainly sourced from Ambon.


Bamboo: Bamboo is an environmentally friendly species for Parquet. It is abundant in various parts of Asia. Our line of Solid Parquet uses Bamboo from China and the 3 Layer Parquet uses Bamboo from Indonesia.


Surian: Latin Name: Toona, Other Names: Toon, Red Cedar, Suren, Thitkado. Surian is a lightweight hardwood that yields soft, easy to work with, fragrant timber. Mainly used for light construction work, furniture, joinery, cigar boxes and ornamental boxes. Parquet flooring from this timber gives the room a very warm and elegant touch. Surian is sourced from various parts of Indonesia.


Red Balau: Latin Name: Shorea, Other Names: Balau Merah, Balau Laut Merah, Teng-Tani, Chai. Red Balau is less durable than Yellow Balau, although it is also a heavy hardwood. It is mainly used for moderately heavy construction and is very suited for Parquet flooring. Red Balau is sourced from various parts of Indonesia.


Sungkai: Latin Name: Peronema, Other Names: Kurus, Sukai, Jati Sabarang, Sangkae. Sungkai is a light-weight timber that is used for pillars in houses and interior finishes. This timber resembles Teak and it is extremely attractive to look at. Sungkai is sourced from various parts of Indonesia.


Hevea: Latin Name: Hevea Braseliensis, Other Names: Rubberwood, Kayu Karet, Kayu Getah, Jaang. Hevea is primarily used for manufacturing furniture. It is also used for many other household items for interior use. Hevea is very attractive, its light appearance brightens up the room. Hevea is sourced from various parts of Indonesia.


Sonokeling / Palisander: Latin Name: Dalbergia, Other Names: Indian Rosewood, Sonobrits, Sonosungu. Sonokeling is primarily used in manufacturing high-end furniture. It is extremely strong and durable and is particularly attractive timber. Sonokeling is mainly sourced from Java.


Meranti: Latin Name: Shorea, Other Names: Meranti Merah, Meranti Putih, Red Seraya, Almon. Both Light Red and White Meranti are used in manufacturing doors. Meranti is also used for light constructional work. Doors from Meranti are extremely attractive and are very popular in many countries. Meranti is mainly sourced from East Indonesia.


Palapi: Latin Name: Heritiera. Palapi is a mdeium to heavy weight hardwood with a strong reddish brown colour. A relatively rare wood, palapi is prized for its stability, uniformity in colour and weight. Ideally suited for manufacturing Doors and Furniture. Palapi is mainly sourced from Sulawesi.


Agathis: Latin Name: Agathis, Other Names: Kauri Pine, Damar, Almaciga, Bagtik. Agathis is a general purpose softwood and it has many uses: mouldings, rulers, matches, piano parts, etc. Doors from Agathis are attractive and very easy to work with. They have a very uniform finish. Agathis is sourced from various parts of Indonesia.
Nyatoh: Latin Name: Palaquium Blanco, Other Names: Jangkar, Nyatuh, Red Nato. Nyatoh is used for manufacturing fine furniture, doors, panelling and to manufacture other products for indoor use. Mainly sourced from various parts of Indonesia
Pulai: Latin Name: Alstonia. Other Names: White Pine, White Cheesewood, Shaitan. Pulai is not recommended for structural purposes, but it can be applied as the core wood in plywood production. It is also used as the core for floating parquet. Mainly sourced from various parts of Indonesia.


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